SHAZAM® Brella

(formerly known as BOLT$)

The Brella app offers text and email alerts:

  • Alerts for transactions over a threshold you determine
  • Alerts for internet and phone transactions
  • Alerts for transactions outside the US
  • When your debit card is used for transactions that are considered suspicious

With Brella you can also instantly:

  • Check your account balance 24/7 with your smartphone, tablet, or home computer
  • Set a temporary card block (block/unblock card activity)
  • Send money to other Brella users
  • Locate ATMs nationwide

Other security features include:

  • Block transactions over a specific dollar amount
  • Block Internet or phone transactions
  • Block transactions outside of the U.S.

To get started, download the Brella Card Manager app, provided by SHAZAM, from your app store to your smartphone or device. You can also register through your desktop or laptop computer here: SHAZAM Brella


If you were already a SHAZAM BOLT$ app user, here’s what you need to know.

iOS® users:

Your device will automatically update to Brella when the app is released. If your device has any special settings that restrict automatic updates, visit the App Store and update.

Android™ users:

You’ll need to download Brella as a new app. Visit the Google Play Store, search “Brella Card Manager” and download the Brella app to your device. Once you install Brella, you can delete the BOLT$ app.

Once the Brella app is installed on your device, the transition should be seamless. All BOLT$ usernames, passwords, registered cards and app functions will continue to work in Brella as they do today. Please note, you’ll be asked to review and accept an updated Terms of Use Agreement as part of the update.