Mobile Pay

The Smart Way to Pay

Smartphones make almost everything easier, including paying for your purchases at the store. With a Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay app, you can now upload your Advantage One credit cards, into a digital wallet on your phone. There’s no more digging the actual card out of your wallet while at the register. You can even upload loyalty, gift and membership cards as well.

All three platforms make shopping a breeze. Each use NFC (near field communication) allowing you to tap or put your phone near the credit card pad to complete the transaction securely. Samsung Pay also works at retailers who only have magnetic or swipe credit card readers.

Confidence of Security. During the transaction, encrypted card numbers are used at the point of purchase. For an extra layer of security, your device will require your fingerprint, password, or security pattern to complete the purchase. If you ever lose your phone, you can use the online device manager to lock the device and even wipe out your personal information.

To Get Started:

Visit your device’s app store and download the mobile payment platform. Then follow their directions to upload, manage and use your Advantage One Credit Card wherever contactless payments are accepted.

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